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About Us

Italik Metalware Pvt. Ltd. is a brand name with an experience of more than 15 years and having highly technically skilled staff. We are manufacturers and exporters of furniture fittings that include a huge range of superior quality of products. Furniture fittings includes Handles & Knobs for Door & Window, Handles for Cabinet & Kitchen Cabinet, Glass & Wooden Door Handles, Mortise Handles, Glass Support, Concealed Socket, Furniture Legs, Pipe Sockets, Tower Bolt and Window Adjuster etc. The factory is situated at Lodhika G.I.D.C. which is 15 kms from Rajkot.

We are among leading manufacturers of furniture fittings in India.Our brand is preferred by customers from all over the world. Our expert staffs are always implementing new innovative ideas for bringing new products. As manufacturers of furniture fittings we aim at providing superior quality and satisfy our customers the most.

As exporters of furniture fittings products we offer global customers that are available in zinc Alloy and carefully crafted with highest precision out of high quality stainless steel (AISI316). All Italica products are elegantly designed having electroplating finished such as nickel, chrome and S.S. These products are being manufactured under international quality standards, as the company is ISO – 9001 -2000 certified.

We continuously introduces new designs, new products which is a result of continuous R & D performed in-house by our staff and thus we are exporters of furniture fittings helping customers with innovative solutions worldwide. Each product manufactured in our company gives maximum advantage of total quality as they are produced totally in-house by maintaining strict quality standards.

Italica is a preferred and a wise choice when you are searching for hardware fitting exporters who offer you with more durable and economic furniture and hardware fittings.

If it’s not Italica, it’s a compromise.